Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just checking in.


     I haven't posted anything on here in a while because I have been building up material for a new project and collaborating with other people.
     Do yourself a favor and check out to see the last large video project I've completed. It has only screened once at the Nightingale Cinema a couple of months ago, and the internet is the only place to view it.
     Let me know what you think, what you feel, if you are interested in showing it, or have any other input. I'm allll ears and would love to hear from you because I respect you and want to build our rapport.

Official synopsis: Some Southern Country (2014) 30 mins

A 13-chapter video comic book, wherein a teenage boy experiences sexual adventures and overcomes obstacles of the heart atop a generic, racially ambiguous, American 80s world determined to perpetuate tribal war in a southern jungle. Green people blackmail, torture, spy, cry and trash their bedrooms in a private high school while a concurrent narrative in text details the sexploits of a privileged middleclass jerk overcoming his fear of love. These conflicting narratives are rendered together with gradual color changes, sound effects, synth and faux orchestral arrangements.

Here are some stills

Saturday, August 2, 2014


There are only 15 of each of these brand new books I made! Buy The Sex People, Tobey Macintire: My Own Hideaway, and Tobey Macintire: Road Songs at Quimby's Uncharted Books or directly from me! You have to hurry because these places keep calling me to tell me that I need to restock these books because they are in such HIGH DEMAND and I don't know how much yelling the people at Kinkos can take from me! They seemed really understaffed for my kind of operation.

This one is about a guy who is seduced by the Sex People after a tragic camping trip.

This one is about a child star that tries to tell you about the ritual abuse he suffered as a child star. Will you believe him?
This is a sequel and is about Tobey digging up the past and coming to terms with himself and the ritual abuse he suffered as a child star through his music. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lil thing from The Sex People

Here are two drawings that got their shading stripped to be only lines for the new lil-book The Sex People that I'm finishing off. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Two Tobey Macintire Stories

               The following two short stories were inspired by Corey Feldman’s Coreyography. I don’t want to self-publish it because it’s too long and posting it is the best way to get it to people. Enjoy-oh!
Here are the full PDF versions for download:
Tobey Macintire: My Own Hideaway PDF
Tobey Macintire: Road Songs PDF

First five page sample of Tobey Macintire: My Own Hideaway 

First five page sample of Tobey Macintire: Road Songs


Saturday, June 28, 2014

A little from Tobey Macintire: Road Songs

               “The students held me down and stripped me naked and took turns playfully punching my butt. They took my flaccid wiener between their fingers and rolled it from side to side and took polaroids of it. They all laughed and took extra photographs of me while I again urinated on myself in fright. Watching from the window while smoking, Mrs. Gregorsen couldn’t resist running back into the classroom to angrily lash my back with three angry cats.”

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Michael Paul Lopez Presents: Match Point

            Terrence K. “T-man” Henderson is a high school sophomore who, after several years of training, wants to join the Tap-pros, a Tennis Fraternity. He attends Tap-pros’ club initiation after being invited by Tibore “Tip-man” Treehorn, a current member of the Tap-pros. Tibore is a handsome wealthy boy with connections to drug traffickers, his parents. While doing warm ups for his initiation, he spies Mariana, Tibore’s sister running laps on the school grounds. She reveals to him that she is unhappy because American boys are boring and do not live up her spicy way of life, “living on the edge.”
            At the Tap-pros’ initiation, T-man is forced to uses his tennis racket on Gilmore’s butt, a poor and awkward student that failed the initiation earlier in the evening. T-man completes his first test and others but abuses Gilmore so severely he has to be carried away. They celebrate that night while Gilmore is rushed to the hospital. The next day T-man spends quality time with Mariana during a fall walk through the park.
            During a party, with Tibore and the rest of the fraternity, T-man and Mariana secretly have sex in the basement of her parent’s house. T-man is afraid that Tibore will be jealous of their love, which causes tension between Mariana and himself. They agree to meet next weekend at a movie theater in the next town. Gilmore, spying on the party, overhears T-man and Mariana’s plans.
            T-man plays a game of tennis with Tibore and they discuss who should be the next initiate for Tap-pros but they cannot reach a consensus. T-man’s plans to meet Mariana falls apart when he is pulled over by officer Harold who wants to solve the case of Gilmore’s beating.
            At a meeting in a barn T-man and Mariana are stopped from having sex when Harold intentionally runs over T-man’s beloved dog. Harold also sets fire to the barn and Mariana is sent to the hospital in critical condition. Tibore attacks T-man in the waiting room and blames him for Mariana’s injuries.
            Mariana gets addicted to pain medicine and becomes an internet porn chat room celebrity which in turn gets her expelled from school and disowned by her family.
            After visiting his dog’s grave T-man works out aggressively in the gym and his coach tells him a story about how he and his fellow soldier’s murdered their commanding officer in Vietnam. The coach then tells T-man that Officer Harold is a Homosexual that frequents the Jumper Room, a local gay hangout.
            T-man puts on S&M gear and heavy new-wave face paint and tricks Officer Harold into the washroom. Officer Harold is straggled to death by T-man with a strap of leather from his costume after revealing his true identity. Before dying Officer Harold informs T-man that it was Gilmore that revealed where to find their love nest.
            T-man returns to Mariana to tell him what he has done, while she is using the washroom he reads a letter on her table that has her positive AIDS report.
            T-man runs to Tibore and convinces him that Gilmore was the one that told Officer Harold where he and Mariana were to meet. They gather all of the resting tennis fraternity brothers and drive to Gilmore’s humble family home in the poor part of town.             
            They kick in the door to their house and severely beat Gilmore and his family, using video equipment to document the incident. At the high school graduation, T-man and Tibore take over the video and audio booth to show their footage of the beating to the graduating class. Everyone cheers in the audience and Gilmore quietly sneaks off and is never heard from again.
            T-man returns to Mariana’s apartment in the city to find that she has overdosed from heroine, alone and under-loved.